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Inline Skates 20km

8. Juni 2017

NEW: The Inline-Skater Event will be postponed from Wednesday to
Thursday, June 8 with same conditions.

The activity Inlineskating takes place in line with
organized by

Koblenz Skatenight

The club Gülser-Mosel-Skater has organized the Koblenz Skatenight, supported by Sport- und Bäderamt Koblenz, since 2009. It´s THE summer event for the whole family.

Five times a year between May and September the queue crosses the city of the Schängel on Thursdays´ evenings. The different routes are between 16 and 23 km long, safeguarded by the police and Gülser-Mosel-Skater volunteers, accompanied by a free bus of the evm Verkehrs GmbH for tired skaters.  The clou: Three tours are accompanied by a music car with beats and lights for a party mood.  The frame program offers music, raffle, physical warm-up and refreshments (during break and at finish point).

Participation is at no charge and at your own risk. Important: All participants need to wear a helmet and protectors. Protection equipment of limited amount can be borrowed from Gülser-Mosel-Skater club against a deposit. For further information