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Until 30 June 2016

1 July 2016 - 31 Dez. 2016

from 1 January 2017

Olympiad Pass

€ 39,-

€ 51,-

€ 59,-

Day Pass

€ 9,-

€ 12,-

€ 14,-

Single Start Card (only available for Saturday 10 June 2017) 5,- €

Olympiad Pass
Participation at all activities incl. IVV stamps (except guided city tours), fair entry, Olympiad Rucksack, Olympiad Medal and integrated ropeway ride on Thursday 8 June 2017 for all walking routes which start at Rhein-Mosel-Halle (alternative route available)

Public short-distance traffic free (see bus and train service).

Day Pass
Participation at all activities incl. IVV stamps (except guided city tours) for one day, fair entry for all days

Public short-distance traffic free for one day (see bus and train service)

Single Start Card (only on Saturday 10 June 2017)
Participation at one activity incl. IVV stamp (except guided city tours), fair entry

Individual Items (if not included in Pass)
€ 20,- Olympiad Rucksack
€ 6,- Olympiad Medal
€ 5,- Badge Marathon (Certificate at no charge)
€ 5,- Badge 60 Km-March (Certificate at no charge)
€ 5,- Guided City Tour (City Tour)
€ 4,50 Integrated Ropeway ride on Thursday 8 June 2017

Children and Young People
Marathon and 60 km-March only for children from 10 years and accompanied by adults, further activities for all children to be accompanied by adults
Up to 9 years old at the event: Participation at all activities incl. IVV stamp and guided city tour and fair at no charge (registration necessary)
Up to 16 years old at the event: Olympiad/Day Pass and Start Card 25 % discount

Opening and Closing Ceremony free of charge.

The owner of the Olympiad Pass and Day Pass is authorized to use all buses, trains and ferries in the area of the transport association “Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel” including the city of Koblenz for free. The fare card is the Olympiad Pass for the timeframe of the whole event and the Day Pass for one day of the event. On first arrival the registration confirmation can be used as preliminary proof.

This is a service of the Volkssport club “Schnelle Füße” Koblenz!

The underground garages of the Rhein-Mosel-Halle (Olympiad Centre) and Kurfürstliches Schloss can be used for a fee.

For 60 km-march registration is neccessary to offer free transfer to you (from the Rhein Mosel Halle to the Loreley).

Each participant of a long distance (42 km and 60 km) gets a certificate for free!
Participating Inlineskating requires to bring the necessary equipment.  
Without the protective equipment (helmet, kneepad, handpad elbowpad) Inlineskating is not allowed.  

The IVV Olympiad will be organized by meeting the DVV Rules and evaluated according to the IVV International Volkssportabzeichen. The Olympiad/Day Pass or Starting Card are to be carried during the route and submitted personally at the control points and stamp desks.   
IVV awards will be given for walking, cycling, swimming, inline skating, geocaching and guided city walks!
The IVV Olympiad is insured against liability claims of third parties.

Modifications possible.
Last Update May 2016

Badge Olympiad Marathon

Badge 60Km-March


Central European Time

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